What customers are saying!

When told where they could pick some up, “I would drive further than that to feed my need for Sweet Heat” V.B. – Omaha, NE


“We bought some of your peppers at the Farmers Market and LOVED them” T.G. Omaha, NE


“We really enjoy your product and are anxious for more.” A.G. - Omaha, NE


“Yummy concoction” V.M - Broomfield, CO


“If the jalapenos are sold in any of the market stores in the area I would certainly buy them from there as well!” K.S. - Omaha, NE


“I purchased a case of ‘relish’ from you 2 weekends ago in the old market in Omaha.  I was the one afraid to try it, only buying ONE for my son. Then tried your dip and bought a CASE.” L.W. - Sioux City, IA


“Thanks!  And YUM YUM!  Great JOB.  Love it!” L.W. – Sioux City, IA


From a certified chef “I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your product and I would love to purchase some directly…” M.M. – Omaha, NE


“Love your peppers” Numerous


“I don't do farmers markets but was wondering if your product is available anywhere in Omaha so I could purchase more of it.” A.J. – Omaha, NE


“I eat these peppers on almost everything…Please let me know how I can keep this Delicious flavor going!” L.D. – Omaha, NE


“What stores can I get these in” Numerous

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